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Familys Game Travel Pack Lite


Come and enjoy our exclusive collection of 33 traditional board games !Discover a wide game set ;★ Chess (2 players, AI available)★ Draughts (2 players, AI available)★ Reversi (2 players, AI available)★ Nine Men's Morris (2 players, AI available)★ Peg Solitaire (single player, with leaderboards)★ Master mind (single player, with leaderboards)★ Mahjong Solitaire (single player, with leaderboards)★ ShisenSho (single player, with leaderboards)★ Sudoku (single player, with leaderboards)★ Minesweeper (single player, with leaderboards)★ Petits Chevaux (French version of Ludo, 2-4 players)★ Game of Goose (2-6 players, AI available)★ Snakes'n Ladders (2-6 players, AI available)★ Memory (1-6 players)★ Animal Battle (2-4 players, AI available)★ Squares (2-6 players, AI available, with leaderboards)★ Tic Tac Toe (2 players, AI available)★ Connect Four (2 players, AI available)★ Battleship (2 players, AI available)★ Klondike (single player, with leaderboards)★ FreeCell (single player, with leaderboards)★ Spider (single player, with leaderboards)★ Golf (single player, with leaderboards)★ Pyramid (single player, with leaderboards)★ Poker Squares (single player, with leaderboards)★ The King Pile (single player, with leaderboards)★ Russian Bank (a.k.a. Crapette, 2 players, with leaderboards, AI available)★ Nordic Russian Bank (a.k.a. Crapette Nordique, 2-6 players, with leaderboards, AI available)★ 4 Aces (single player, with leaderboards)★ 40 Thieves (single player, with leaderboards)★ Yatzy (1-6 players, with leaderboards, AI available)★ Air Hockey (2 players, AI available)★ Passe Trappe (2 players, with leaderboards, AI available)
All these games are packed together in single small application. Most of them offer robot players, local and online leaderboard.All multiplayer games can be played around a single device with player seated around it.
Note : This application is the lite, free to download version. It is supported by advertisements. The full version comes with no advertisement and exclusive goodies.
Authorizations : This application requires internet acces to display advertisements and offer optional Google Games online features (online save and leaderboards).